Tuesday, July 30, 2013

L's Birthday

L turned 6 in the Spring. We had a party with family on his Birthday! and he waited until this summer to have a swim party with friends. 

He requested a BIG chocolate strawberry cake. Well that's what he got.

Silly boys!
Now for his party this summer.... He wanted a lego party. Since we were on a break from school, we focused our creativity towards party stuff! Oh the joys of Pinterest.

We took a cereal box (from SAMs) and glued applesauce cups to the front to make a lego brick piñata.  The kids made 98% of this all by themselves. Sniff sniff..... They are getting so big!
The kids really enjoyed using their blocks for table decor:)
This was time consuming, but so worth it. Too cute. Brick shaped juice boxes:)
Chocolate covered marshmallows made to look like lego heads. Love it. 
We love this boy!

We took turns blind folding everyone. That was one strong piñata:) finally, we decided to let the birthday boy go for it!

Great party with good friends=one happy birthday boy! 

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