Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing Project Roundup

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."
-Robert Collier

This has become my favorite quote for accomplishing things that are in the fun category for me. All things sewing and crafting belong in my fun category. When my friends find out that I sew most of the time I get, "how do you find time for that?" I usually answer something like this... "um.. well .I just work at it as time allows." That's exactly it. When I start a project never does it enter my mind that I will finish it to completion in one sitting. Having kids has cured me of that kind of thinking! Most sewing projects can take up to a week or longer if we are busy. Sewing is a stress relief for me, and I have used it for motivation for a few years now. I can clean a house in no time flat if I know I might have a few minutes to sew.   I know that if we get up and have a great morning of school my kids will probably have a better afternoon of play which means I can sew for about 30 minutes before a squabble needs to be settled. I am sure by now you can sense my enthusiasm for sewing. I am so thankful God had this gift waiting on me as I entered adulthood. We were created to work and use our gifts. I hope he is pleased with what he has given me.

Now on to the most current finished projects.    

 This skirt is from the Ottobre 1/2012 issue. I have had this yard of striped corduroy for a while now and I thought it would be cute for this skirt. It is hard to tell but it has two pockets on the front which sister loves. All her finds go in there (and chapstick of course!)

This is a tunic for me. I used Butterick 5495. I used a gray jersey ponte that I got for $3/yd.

 This top is jersey ponte (from the same fabric sale:), and I used Butterick 5497. I love the back but didn't get a pic of it.

K has been eyeing the new leotards at the gym for a while now. The ones for winter have the velvety look, shorts, and a $40 price tag. I took her to pick out her own fabric for a whooping $6 and she loves it. I didn't have a pattern for a leotard (going to buy one soon:). I used a shorts pattern for the bottom and the top of an old leo for the top. This took me about an hour to make. The fabric had enough stretch that elastic wasn't needed in the armholes.

 I am absolutely in love with this girl in this nightgown. I got this rosebud bamboo jersey some time ago because it reminded me of some things my mom had gotten me as a child. I used a pattern my Ray sisters gave me. Not sure what year it is. Looks to be 70ish. I used eyelet and ribbon across the chest and around the the bottom of the sleeves.

And lastly, Turkey Day outfits. I love appliques with ribbons. I took a turkey design that I already had and replaced the feathers with ribbons. So fun!

Sister's morning hair... she was in the mood to have her picture made. Enough said.

 Of course, little sis had to have one too. I did her's on a tee with a matching skirt.
So what's next.... Sewing for the boys!!!! On the table right now. Thanksgiving boy shirts and Ottobre pants with fleece sweatshirts.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day!

What a great day to be a homeschooler!!! A house filled with kids (about 17 to exact), a lot of great food, patriotic music, and a since of pride. We live in a great country.. Let's CELEBRATE!

We had a voting booth where the kids could cast their vote.

The voting went on into lunch. They had such sweet conversation about different things they liked. 

We ended our time with a trivia game between two teams. All questions were about US History and the election. These are smart little guys. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

 Another great year! We had ninjas again:) This time we added super cool sword and dagger backpacks. I felt so safe with these tough guys around last night. We had a sweet Rapunzel and Tyrone from the Backyardians. 
                     I said, "give me a silly one." They jumped into this pose immediately... I love it!
                                                          Check out sister's frying pan.
     Rapunzel you are beautiful my dear. We whipped up the wig from some yarn I already had and a white                                       ski cap. 


Check out our ride. If our families grow anymore we may have to upgrade our trailer.
Another great memory filled night. We love these little guys.

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