Friday, November 22, 2013

So Thankful

It has been awhile since my last post. With thankfulness in my heart, I will share what has been going on around here.  

I am thankful for Georgia football....
I mean LOTS of Georgia football.

I am thankful my girl scored her first goal in soccer.
I am thankful for daddies that coach.
I am thankful my husband coaches.
I am thankful for kids who play hard.
I am thankful for this little guy's attitude.
And how cute he looks in his uniform:)
I am thankful for opportunities to share Christ.
I am thankful for my big boy (77) who is a natural born leader.
I am thankful for kids who try....
And succeed!

I am thankful for sisters!

I am thankful for this girl who melts my heart...
And this girl who shares my heart..
I am thankful for big brothers..

I am thankful for climbing trees..
For brothers that are best friends...
For kids who are healthy..
I am thankful for Christ who lives in us.
I am thankful for a great man to love, and who loves me unconditionally.
A man who makes us all laugh and act goofy.
Most importantly,I am thankful for a Savior that continues to bless me far more than I deserve.
Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MFW ECC and 1st Week 4 Highlights-Hello United States Part 2

It has taken us two weeks to finish up our travels in the United States. 

In Bible we learned Matthew 1:23. Immanuel means "God with us." We learned more about the Navajo   Indians. Our missionary hero was Harriet Tubman. Some of the character traits she lived out were joy, perseverance, and compassion. 

We read tons of cool facts about the US. We studied more about temperate forests concentrating on the layers and what animals inhabit those layers.  M made a diorama of a forest. 

Want a boy to get excited about making a diorama? Tell him what an awesome back drop it would be for his lego movies!!! 

We also took a field trip to the Hummingbird festival. The timing was great. We got to see the layers of the forest up close and personal. We sat in on talks about bats, hummingbirds and animals from each continent. 

L volunteering to mark the map during one of the talks.

Sister getting her face painted.
Our sweet friend holding a tarantula!!! She is by far the bravest cat in our group! 
Did I mention the kids got to touch a bunch of different snakes???
We found this snake skin while we were there in the bushes... So big that we tore it up and gave each kid some to take home Yuck!
What a great day! Learning at it's best:)

In 1st grade we talked a lot about wisdom and how God is always available to give wisdom to those who desire it.

In Science we studied how a seed grows. 

L finished his scroll of his very best handwriting. He is so proud of it. The scroll is to remind him of how God's word was written on scrolls. (They took very good care of the scrolls because if something happened to it it would have to be written all over again. )

This has been a source of excitement around our house. The boys joined lego club. It is a club that uses the Lego Education curriculum. This semester they are studying simple machines.

Sis is doing great in soccer. She scored 3 goals in her first game and one in her second. 

This is our favorite place to hang out while the boys have music. This swing is ridiculously fun. 

Whew... A lot going on around here... So it's goodbye USA and Hola Mexico for us!

Monday, September 2, 2013

MFW ECC and 1st Week 3 Highlights-Hello United States Part 1

Hello USA!!!
We have moved from our backyard to the United States. We looked at many maps of North America and maps of the USA. 

 We labeled the different kinds of forests on a map. We also labeled our state with surrounding states on a map. 

While learning about different types of forests, we learned how to identify trees. We used a tree field guide to identify some the trees in our yard. 

In Bible we read about Dwight L. Moody and how he shared Jesus. We learned the character traits of repentance, boldness, and strength. 

In art we did Navajo sand painting. Since the Navajo Indians were some of the early inhabitants of North America, we wanted to do an activity to help us learn a little bit more about their culture. 
Sand painting is tricky:) you first paint with glue then sprinkle with sand. Shake off the extra and then repeat....soooo glad we did this outside.
L did a shark.
K did ocean animals.
M did a forest with a bald eagle. 

In 1st grade Bible we learned " If you really want to become wise, you must begin by having respect for The Lord." Proverbs 9:10

L did lots of great reading this week. 

We studied the parts of the flower and spent lots of time outside. We even took school outside when possible.

Another great week. Thanks for stopping by.

A Beach Get Away

We snuck off to the beach to enjoy some family time. Man, time at the beach is never long enough.

One of our favorite things to do... Feed our bird friends.

Wishing for the day when we get to go again!