Monday, September 2, 2013

MFW ECC and 1st Week 3 Highlights-Hello United States Part 1

Hello USA!!!
We have moved from our backyard to the United States. We looked at many maps of North America and maps of the USA. 

 We labeled the different kinds of forests on a map. We also labeled our state with surrounding states on a map. 

While learning about different types of forests, we learned how to identify trees. We used a tree field guide to identify some the trees in our yard. 

In Bible we read about Dwight L. Moody and how he shared Jesus. We learned the character traits of repentance, boldness, and strength. 

In art we did Navajo sand painting. Since the Navajo Indians were some of the early inhabitants of North America, we wanted to do an activity to help us learn a little bit more about their culture. 
Sand painting is tricky:) you first paint with glue then sprinkle with sand. Shake off the extra and then repeat....soooo glad we did this outside.
L did a shark.
K did ocean animals.
M did a forest with a bald eagle. 

In 1st grade Bible we learned " If you really want to become wise, you must begin by having respect for The Lord." Proverbs 9:10

L did lots of great reading this week. 

We studied the parts of the flower and spent lots of time outside. We even took school outside when possible.

Another great week. Thanks for stopping by.

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