Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gymnastics Recital

Warning..... Lots of pictures in this one!!!! Three kids, three events, what's a momma to do? 

The kids have done a homeschool gymnastics class for the last two years. They are learning so much. We are very thankful that they have this opportunity. 

This recital had a wild animal theme. She chose a giraffe pose for her floor routine.

She did great. L on rings.

Such a strong little guy. M's turn. 

He did a great job. This is way harder than they make it look:)

Uneven bars for sis.

She nailed it:) Floor exercises for M.

He did great. L's turn.

Awesome.... Now beam for princess. Her favorite:)

You did fantastic! Parallel bars for L. 

That looks says it all. M did great on bars too.
Metal time....

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