Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Schoolroom

Not Back to School Blog Hop I am super excited about our schoolroom this year. Our schoolroom is our dining room turned schoolroom. I love it being next to the kitchen.
I decided not to leave the boys' desks facing each other this year. They can get silly really fast:) I felt like I didn't have many options with the furniture we had in there. I decided then to get rid of one of our cabinets. That was a great solution to our lack of space. I put a small bookshelf next to each boy. I love this setup because each one has their work boxes right next to them. I keep all the stuff to put in them in the bottom two shelves. This makes for easy reloading while cooking dinner!
K's desk
This is my desk under the white dry erase board. I have all my teacher's manuals on the shelf next to my desk. I know I have changed our school room and system a bizillion times, but this seems to be the most functional for now:)

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