Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catch Up Post

I know I talk alot about how wonderful my man is, but one more thing. For my birthday this year I was given some birthday money and I knew what I wanted to spent it on. However, I was just a little short. Hubs came through for me..... So to most people the gift I wanted may not make you want to jump and down and scream, but for me that is exactly what I did when he said "order it and I will cover the difference." Drumroll please.... I got a year subscription to Ottobre magazine. Ok for most normal folks that don't sit and read sewing blogs, Ottobre is a sewing magazine from Finland. Each issue comes with 40 patterns. Yes, 40 awesome patterns for my kiddos ranging in all sizes. So I am getting 7 total for this year (that's 280 patterns!!!). Here are some cute shorts for E. They are Pufferfish from Ottobre 3/2012. I used some cute red buttons from my Mama Bonnie's button box. All the more reason why I love these:)
More shorts.. This time for K. They are called Hula Hoop shorts from Ottobre 3/2012. I will be making these again. Denim for sure:)
What about that model pose!
Here is K's new gymnastics outfit. I used a suit that fit her for a pattern and super shiny dance wear fabric that I got for $4 (I have enough to make another one too.) I completed this in less than an hour. Whoo Hoo love projects like that. She absolutely loves it. I have tried to get a pic with her being still in it but she isn't still with it on.. not ever.
This is K in her new princess pajamas. Once again.. jumping! I used a pattern I have had for ages for the pants. For the shirt I let K pick some of the pictures from the fabric to applique on the tee.
Love this pic!
I know this is a catch-up post.. M went to music camp a few weeks ago. He had so much fun. These are pics from the performance on that Friday night. The serious look on his face started out as a way to not smile at his Daddy making faces at him. Cracked us up!

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