Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012

We just finished up a great, exhausting, want to do it everyday vacation. We had so much fun being together.
I whipped these bathing suits up before we left. They are turquoise seersucker with cupcakes embroidered on the fabric. I used the free pattern from Sew Beautiful, but extended the top.
Ms. E was a great beach babe. She took awesome naps under the umbrella.
We had gotten a little toasty one day and decided we better take a break from the beach. Super fun time playing putt-putt and go carts.
1st lap....
2nd lap... M won!
My little big man.
Follow me to the beach..
Blessed beyond measure. No matter what this life brings, I always want to be wherever they are.
We hung out at Harborwalk Village one night. Love this picture. We couldn't pull that off again in a million years.
My Royal Guards.
Ok, I got so tickled watching these little ladies clog. I couldn't help picturing myself, my Ray sisters and my SIL. Girls, a picture into the future. When we get all these kiddos raised.. of course.
Until Next Year:)

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  1. What great pics and what precious memories you made on the beach!!! Love All of You!!! Amy