Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bring on Summer!

The boys finished Awana this year. They both completed their books (well Marcus did his 2 1/2 times), and we are so proud.
We have officially finished school for this school year. We completed Adventures in My Father's World. Although, I have complained in the past about having a curriculum that made me feel like I had to check off every assignment, it does feel great to finish it completely. Marcus did a great job this year and is reading like a champ. Luke is excited to do "real school" he says next year. This picture is at our last field trip this year. It was at Cypress Grove.
I know I said we are done with school for summer. Organized school I guess. We received our Sonlight box and the kids poured into the books. If you have ever looked at a Sonlight catalog these are the types of pics they use to encourage you to buy their curriculum. This is what happens when you get a box full of good books. I think I will send the picture in to Sonlight. We are doing Core B with Mystery of History next year.
Let Summer Begin:)

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