Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bobo is 5!!!

Our sweet Bobo recently had a birthday. As a mother, birthdays can kind of be bittersweet. On one hand there is the excitement that your child is learning new things and gaining new levels of independence, but on the other, there is the sadness that those cute little things will fade with the new. Our Bobo is such a blessing to our family. He lights up the room and never meets a stranger. We often say that he is the evangelist of the family. More often than not, when we go to a playground, instead of playing he is skimming the outside for people he hasn't meet yet. This usually leads to him telling them all about himself and observing all he can about them. When the conversation comes to an end most have a smile of joy and have fallen in love with our sweet little guy all at the same time. He is very curious and has a passion for learning. Most days you will find him dressed in a variety of superhero dress-ups. I love that his imagination is growing and teaching him gives me true delight. I can't wait to see what our Lord has in store for him...
L and his buddy Ty.
We had a party with friends at McDonalds for lunch. Later that night we went to Red Robin (our family's usual place for birthdays.)
Finished up the night with a Generals game. Great day!

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