Monday, October 3, 2011

Pioneers in Michigan Week #7

This week was crazy busy with construction workers at our house, soccer, gymnastics, trip to the library, awana, bible study, and a few playdates with friends. Somehow we managed to get it all done.

In Bible we continued studying "Jesus is the Bread of life." We made a napkin holder out of the bottom of a cracker box. We used the bread template in the student sheets for the front. The back and sides were torn pieces of red, orange, yellow, and green construction paper. We wanted it to have a fall look. We used Mod Podge to make the torn pieces stick to the box. Then we put a layer on the outside to seal it together.

In Science we made homemade play dough. We used the recipe in the TG. This was a really fun experience....and everyone decided on the color together!

For history we talked about the pioneers in Michigan. We learned how they used birch bark canoes to carry there belonging from place to place. The canoes were light, could be loaded quickly, and made excellent shelter at night as they would turn them upside down and sleep under them. We found many pictures of canoes on the internet. We also studied how they were made. Pretty neat.
We made canoes out of brown construction paper. When finished they put toy men in them.

M is becoming such a great reader! As his confidence has grown, so has his willingness to read to L and K.

L has been doing great and loves "doing school." He has been working through the preschool series from Rod and Staff. We have been focusing on farming with L over the last few weeks. He is enjoying all the animals and tractors!


  1. Looks like a great week, your canoes look great!

  2. I think the Rod and Staff preK books are great. My girls are 6 and 8 and they still love working through them.