Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Projects!

Okay, this is the last post for this blog marathon! The kids and I have been couch potatoes today so I can get the blog caught up before school starts. I promise from now on to sit at the sewing machine less and keep the blog up to date:)

The first one is a smocked sock monkey bubble for a friend that just had her baby boy.

For the crab dress I used the "Frannie" pattern from Children's Corner. I made the boys shorts to match and put a small crab on the leg.

The owl skirt was for fun to add to her collection.

The fish dress is her favorite for the moment. I used the "Mary De" pattern. Kate Kate says that the big blue fish is her Daddy and she is other big one. Some days I get to be one of the little ones on the side. Daddy's Girl!

The dress I am wearing I made earlier this summer. This is my favorite dress especially in my growing condition. Very comfy:) I hope to make a few more.

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