Monday, June 28, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts!

This weekend was full of firsts. My little man had his first skating party. I was so excited since I was going to be the one to take him. I haven't skated since college and I was up for the challenge. But, I guess I wasn't thinking about how difficult it might be teaching a rather large for his age 5 year old. We get there put on the skates and within ten minutes I was reminded of the time I took his daddy skiing for the first time. There was alot of falling, throwing his head back, and yelling at me. Let's just say he made it about half way through the party on skates, then we resolved to running around the rink with our crocs on:)

The second first was Bo-Bo went to the potty!!!!!!

The last first for the weekend happened last night. I was putting up laundry when I walked into Sunshine's room and found her and her daddy having a tea party! I am so certain that was his first! I think my heart is still a puddle in the floor of her room:

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