Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy Discipline

The boys were arguing with one another and Daddy had heard enough. He looked at the boys and simply said "put your shoes on we are going outside." He then did what he had heard his Paw had done in years past. He made them stand and hug at the end of the driveway, waving at the cars that past by. Love it:)


  1. that is some smart thinkin'!!

  2. Love it!!! I had my two do that years ago but it's been awhile. I think the next time these two teenagers start fighting we may do this again. I think it will kill them being teenagers!!! I miss Paw so much and so thankful for all his advice and memories we have!!!

  3. Love it!!!! I used to do the same thing when Austin and Adyson were younger but it has been awhile. I am thinking I should do this again the next time they start in on each other. I am thinking it will kill these two teenagers more now than it did when they were little. Thanks for sharing. I miss Paw so much and very thankful for his wonderful advice and great memories. You know Paw was smiling that day the boys were at the end of the driveway hugging and Greg sitting there watching.