Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunsuit Romper

I love everything about this sweet little number. It reminds me of the romper styles that I wore as a kid. The pattern is Ottobre 3-2012-6. It is called Cuckoo and I think I made a size 86. I bought the knit from Chez Ami. I know she is going to get a lot of wear out of this one. 
I love the sweet ties on the shoulders..
I also really like the fit of Ottobre patterns.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Projects from the year...

Here are a few things that were completed this past year, but in the craziness they didn't get blogged.  K wore this top ALL the time. I got the knit from Joann's. The pattern for this top was princess tunic from Ottobre 4/2012. It was k's idea to have the knit cat appliqué. I think it added a great touch.

Valentine's Day outfits:) 

Cords for M. Burda 9860. These ended up being big. I wasn't quiet sure what size he was in Burda. He ended up wearing them bc he said they were comfy. 

He will get to wear these next winter for sure if they aren't too short:)

Pillow I crocheted for my Momma for Christmas. I want some for my porch!

This is M modeling a beanie I knitted for Papaw.  This was real lamb's wool we got at festival in the fall.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Owlet sweater for E

I had been eyeing this owlet sweater for at least a year, but I was extremely scared to try it. I don't usually tackle knitting projects that require to much detail or brain power! I made the mistake of showing it to my knitting group. They encouraged me on.... Soooooo glad they did. 

It is not perfect by any means but I love it and she will definitely be able to where it all next winter! 

Spring soccer 2013

Get ready I have some catch up blogging to do....the boys had a quick spring soccer season and due to rain it didn't seem like they played very much. This is M's team. L played the 2nd half of the season on brothers team. I loved watching them play together:)

L has a great shot. He is getting so good!
M had a really good season! I was one proud momma!

Children's Corner Hilary

I made this back in the spring. I used Children's Corner Hilary for this one. This fabric came from Hancock's. K picked this fabric out herself. I can't say no to this sweet face when she says," can you make me a dress out of this favric (I hope she says it like that for a long time.... I am not correcting her... So sweet). 
I luv the back. 
We had to take a pic with our newest family member... This is Keisha.