Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Bo-Bo Is Playing Soccer:)

L was so excited to put on his shin guards and cleats and go to soccer practice. He has watched M do it for some time now:)After getting dressed,he went out into the driveway to warm-up before heading out.

The Purse Dress

What girl doesn't love purses? And my girl loves purses and anything pink and purple. Perfect combination:)

Sewing Projects for the Kiddos

I just finished towel wraps and matching bags for the kids. The kids each picked their own design. I wish these would have gotten done a little sooner this summer. The bag and the wrap are made from one towel.

Our whole family recently went to Hobby Lobby. This time I needed to bring everyone along so we could use more than one 40% coupon. I needed quilt batting for the boys new bedspreads (I will post them soon.) Anyway, the boys saw this Georgia fleece and wanted to get it. Like Daddy is going to say no to Georgia fleece! I am not sure we saved any money that night, but they love their pants and look so cute in them. Oh.. and they feel amazing! I want some:)

Jesus Window Poster

This was a fun quick project. We took crayons and cut them up into small pieces. Then we placed them between two layers of wax paper. We took our iron and very carefully ironed over the top sheet. The kids really liked watching the colors melt and run together.

Monday, August 8, 2011

God's Promise

This is an awesome craft to go along with the story of Noah's ark. The kids had a great time tearing the paper into small pieces. The small pieces are then glued to form the colors of the rainbow.

I also had to include K reading her Bible to her dolls. So sweet.

Crab Outfits

I couldn't resist snapping a pic before church (had to bribe them with gum). Miss thing hasn't been up long enough to smile:)None the less, I have my pic before cool-aid and snack are dribbled down the front of them.

Kate's dress is the Frannie pattern from Children's Corner. I love this dress because it can go together in a naptime. The ruffle pants I made for her last Christmas. Pants in the winter...capris in summer:) The boys shorts were a snap and I put a little crab on the leg to match. It is kind of hard to tell,

but the dress and shorts are a light blue and white stripe seersucker.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Officer Buckle and Gloria Party!

What a way to kick off our school year.. We had an Officer Buckle and Gloria book party. The kids all brought their favorite puppy dog along for the afternoon. We read the book, had cake, and lots of fun. Joanna also did a great job ready her favorite dog book Biscuit.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jesus... the Lord saves!

Today talked about names and the most wonderful name of all..."Jesus." In Greek Jesus means "the Lord saves." No other name has the power to save lives and heal the broken.
Our Lord knew our names before time began. We made name bracelets to remind them how special they are to us and to our Savior.