Monday, August 8, 2011

God's Promise

This is an awesome craft to go along with the story of Noah's ark. The kids had a great time tearing the paper into small pieces. The small pieces are then glued to form the colors of the rainbow.

I also had to include K reading her Bible to her dolls. So sweet.


  1. Hi Sewing Momma!

    My kids would love your rainbow craft...I would love it's simplicity :)

    Just stopping by to let you know Homeschool Highlights in MFW will start next Thursday. Hope you can join us!

    Kathi & Kattie

    Guidelines for Homeschool Highlights in MFW:

  2. Hi! I am stopping by from the MFW Blogroll and co-hosting the My Father's World Homeschool Highlights this school year with Kathi @ A Heart Like Water. This is where MFW families connect weekly, or as often as you like, to share what we are doing in our schools. The first one is Aug 25, the info is on my blog. I hope you join us!


    ps: You are very creative!! I love your ideas!