Monday, December 12, 2011

What we have been up to... and school weeks 11-13

Wow how time flies when you are homeschooling, finishing the second story of your house, Thanksgiving, getting ready for Christmas,and expecting #4 any day now!

Here we are enjoying a break from the loud noises in the house. This is one of our favorite fall activities. We rake the leaves into a huge pile and go down the slide on our play set. This never seems to get old...

I had to throw this pic in.. This is how our kiddos slept for a while. They had lots of giggles at bedtime.

Ok..the upstairs is now complete. Jump ahead to Thanksgiving weekend. These are our little elves decorating our tree. The hubs was not too thrilled about carrying anything else up or down the stairs. He did it anyway:)Thanks Babe!

Who knew Spider Man could decorate a Christmas tree.

We had fun making a gingerbread house.
On to a school review. Week #11 we finished up George Washington. Here is Marcus pretending to be sworn in as President just like Washington.

For week 12 we did Thanksgiving activities. Week 13 was a pleasant change of pace. We are now beginning our state study. Most days we will cover one state and do an activity that goes along with that state. This week we covered the first four states and learned some interesting facts about each one.

M finished Explode the Code 1 book!!! Moving onto Book 2:)

Oh, and we started Unit 18 in Alpha (Math-u-see) it is SUBTRACTION! I can already tell I am going to need to pray a little bit more in the next few weeks.

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