Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day of School!

Our first day was a day to remember... We got up and had special first day of school pancakes (with candles of course)! Most of the school time with Marcus went smooth. I think he liked all the special attention just on him. However, the other two saw this as a time to get into things that are usually off limits. Let's see... they dumped a box of Bisquick on the floor. Then Kate separated the all the paper plates and unwrapped a value box of bar soap. But, the icing of the cake was when I found them in the bathroom. They had dumped the trash can in the toilet, along with the toilet paper. They were then throwing wet toilet paper all over the walls. Where did they learn this? I mean it looked like the job of a twelve year old boy. Since that first day things have been getting easier. Marcus loves Science and Math. I can't wait to see all that he is going to learn this year and I am so thankful that God has called me to teach him. Oh.. what I would have missed:)

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